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GEOGRAPHY, The Study of People and Places


Aimee Mindes, Professor of Geography

voicemail: 562/463-7519
address: 3600 Workman Mill Rd., Whittier, CA 90601



Introduction to Physical Geography, geog101 (also offered online)

Introduction to Physical Geography Lab, geog101L (also offered online)

Introduction to Cultural Geography, geog102  (also offered online)

Geography Discipline Links:

Assoc. of American Geographers National Geographic NASA Earth Science
American Geographical Society Assoc. Pacific Coast Geog. N. American Cartographic Soc.
U.S. Geological Survey University Consortium on GIS Geocaching
Natl. Council Geographic Educat. California Geographic Society Geographical Review

Other Links:

World Clock Map Quiz Program (for PCs, free download)
Online Map Quizzes Historic Earthquakes