Professor Bob Feliciano Grading for Courses
Fall 2005


Grading: Students must participate in all class activities, including being in class on time. Therefore, class participation will be a graded component of the course. Student will earn three points for each class.

Students are responsible to be in their seats and prepared for the class lecture or other academic activities scheduled. It is the students responsibility to read the assigned material and complete all course work in order to successful complete this course.

Testing: Mid Term (100 points) and Final Examination ( 100 points) for a total of 200 points

Each course will consist of weekly quizzes that will be worth 10-20 points. Quizzes are a tool to test students on their comprehension of the material, and their responsibility for the course material contained in each text.

Example of Grading Scheme:

Participation:          102 points ( May fluctuate for holidays)
Project                     100 points (To be discussed in class)
Mid Term                 100 points
Final                         100 points
Quizzes                    140 points
Total:                       542 points

90-100%  = A
80-89%     = B
70-79%     = C
60-69%     = D
    <60%     = F

Being prepared for each class is the essence of earning good grades. My job is to help you succeed, your job is to be prepared and participate in your learning experience at Rio Hondo College.

Remember Success Comes Before Work Only in the Dictionary