Oral Presentation Guidelines for Spanish 101 and 102


Instructor: C. Guerrero


Some general guidelines about the day of your oral presentation:

  1. You must be on time to get full credit for your presentation.
  2. You must stay for all oral presentations to get full credit for yours.
  3. Your presentation must serve as a review of the material that we studied in class.
  4. Your presentation must be 3-5 minutes long.  Three minutes is the minimum; five minutes is the maximum. 
  5. I am looking for quality; so do not drag out your presentation thinking by doing so you will get you a higher score.


Requirements for your presentation:

You must have a visual aid, as you will talk about your visual aid during your presentation.  You will not be allowed to use notes or note cards.  You must use the visuals to aid you in your presentation.  You must present for at least three minutes.


How you come up with your topic:

Review each chapter that we studied and look at the various themes of those chapters.  Pick one theme (e.g. classes, houses and furniture, hobbies and sports, health, food and restaurants, etc.) and then personalize it.  For example: if you choose the theme of houses, talk about the house or apartment that you live in, or maybe you would want to talk about your ideal house.  If you choose the topic of hobbies and sports, then tell us about which sports you play, which ones you like to watch, and when you do this.  Is it on vacation?  Is it everyday?  You get the idea.


Be creative!  Use these guidelines for what they are: guidelines.  If you have an idea that you want to run by me, please do so!  You know how to get in contact with me outside of class.


I hope this helps.