LIB 101: Fundamentals of Library Research

About the Course/Instructor


In this course we look at gaining research skills, and also theories behind searching as well as theoretical aspects of information, such as literacy, ethics and legal aspects of information.  In my humble opinion, effective research is 99% brain work (i.e. thinking critically about whatever your topic is) and 1% mechanics - meaning how to get into databases and use the online catalog and so on. This course will attempt to give you skills in both of those areas, but especially the following:

  • being able to analyze the kinds of information that are required for an assignment;
  • choose sources (reference books, journal articles, Web sites, etc) that are appropriate for the topic;
  • effectively formulate a search strategy;
  • identify concepts and keywords that will lead you to the desired information;
  • choose relevant and appropriate articles from a list of results;
  • understand and critique (evaluate) the information found in various sources;
  • synthesize and integrate this information into your essays or research papers.

If I succeed, you will find researching to be fun, valuable and a life-long habit!

Other things about me: My other degrees are in Art and Art history [BA Studio Art, and MA in Art History], and I have taught art appreciation and art history. And, I am also a student, currently working towards an MA in TESOL/Language and Culture at CSULB.

Thanks for joining the course - I am looking forward to getting to know all of you!

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