Welcome to The Rio Hondo Police Academy


Academy Requirements

You have made the decision to become part of a extraordinary profession. The Rio Hondo Police Academy is known as one of the premier training academies in the nation!

The road to becoming an officer will be a challenging one. You will be tested mentally, physically and emotionally on a daily basis. The purpose of the police academy is to provide cadets with state mandated training along with the pride, respect, and discipline necessary to succeed in law enforcement.

Information Meetings

Click on the above link on the dates and time of the information meetings. Plan on spending approximately two hours at the meeting. You will receive relevant information regarding the police academy and the exciting and rewarding career of law enforcement!

Are you ready?

Your cadet training will range from Academics and Physical Training to Enforcement Tactics, Weapons Training and Vehicle Operations. You will be required to meet the standards set forth by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and the Academy. In order to secure a position in law enforcement, you must meet the guidelines established by law enforcement agencies. Click on the above link for a "self-assessment".









Upcoming Academy Dates

The Rio Hondo Police Academy offers the intensive full-time basic academy four times a year. In addition to the basic academy, the extended modular format (levels III, II, and I) is offered once a year. The basic recertification course is also offered. Click on the above link for upcoming class dates.

Lifetime Fitness

The POST Basic Academy Physical Conditioning Program is designed to enhance cadet physical fitness in a manner that will both prepare the cadet to perform physically demanding police tasks and instill in the cadet a desire to maintain a high level of fitness throughout his/her career.