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Psychology 101

Chapters Presented on PowerPoint

Introduction to Psychology 101

Chapter 1 - Thinking Critically with Psychological Science

Research Lecture

Chapter 2 - Neuroscience and Behavior

Chapter 3 - The Nature and Nurture of Behavior

Chapter 9 - Thinking, Language, and Intelligence

Chapter 10 - Motivation

Chapter 11 - Emotions, Stress, and Health

Chapter 12 - Personality

Chapter 13 - Psychological Disorders

Chapter 14 - Therapy

Chapter 15 - Social Psychology

Midterm Study Guide 1

Final Study Guide 1

Pathway to Peace Presentation

Psychology 112

Chapters Presented on PowerPoint

Approaches to Understanding Human Development

Heredity and Environment 

Infancy and Toddlerhood Physical Cognitive and Language Development

Preschool Personality and Social Development

Middle Childhood Physical and Cognitive Development

Adolescence Personality and Sociocultural Development

Young Adulthood Personality and Sociocultural Development

Middle Adulthood Personality and Sociocultural Development

Older Adulthood Physical and Cognitive Development