Rio Hondo College--Speech 101, Public Speaking

Speech Instructor:  James  Ameen 

Speech outline examples

The following links--at the bottom of this page--may help you as you are creating your own typed outlines. I will present these speeches in class during the first two weeks of class. The speeches will probably be longer than your speeches since I will be explaining how to present a speech while presenting these speech outlines (i.e., teach by example).

Do not worry if another student is using your same topic for a speech. As long as you do not work with another student or students, and you do your own work, each speech will be unique. Do not present the same, or similar, speeches that I give in class. Please read the "topic example link" for suggestions regarding your topics. 

Your speeches will have this simple structure or organization:

Introduction ( creative opening, preview, purpose, and sources )

Body ( organization of main points and minor points, including transitions )

Conclusion ( creative summary, or highlight most important issues )

Please make sure your typed outlines are in complete sentences so that I may understand your logic. Please use my same structure for your speeches so that I may be able to grade in a similar way--in which all students can adjust to and refer to--as they type their outlines and present their speeches. Students prefer one simple way to organize their speeches since it is easier to talk to me, and fellow students, about their speeches using--or referring to--the same structural format. The structure may be easy to conform to, but your individual speech content takes work, patience, and creativity. Your speech content may be informative or persuasive.

Please refer to--or go to--the following links for my speech outline examples:

Example 1  (Informative speech--I would like you to know about several issues I learned from traveling domestically and internationally. The information may be helpful to you.)

Example 2  (Informative speech--I would like you to know that there are free excellent public broadcasting stations--NPR and PBS, and to give you humorous, culturally informative, and educational PBS examples.)

Example 3  (Persuasive and non-controversial speech--I need you to be aware of PTSD and to encourage those people you know who may have PTSD to get help as soon as possible.)

Example 4  (Persuasive and non-controversial speech--I need you to understand the myths--or false claims-- regarding vegetarians and to encourage people to stop judging them as "too judgmental," "unrealistic" or "advocating an unhealthy diet plan.")

Example 5  (Persuasive, yet controversial speech--Men, especially older men, should consider a vasectomy if they do not want to have children or have had enough children.)