Current Courses

Spring 2017


Addendum to Student Contract (all students must read)


Auto 040 Introduction to Natural Gas Vehicle Service Syllabus

Auto 045 Honda University     Syllabus

Auto 046 Honda University     Syllabus

Auto 47.8 Hybrid Technology Syllabus

Auto 50.1 A6 ASE Alternative Syllabus

Auto 0504 ASE Test Preparation Syllabus

Auto 056 Multimeter & Scopes Syllabus

Auto 057 Advanced Specialized Electronics (On-Line version) Syllabus

Auto 057.1 Transit Electronics Syllabus

Auto 080.1 Allison 1000/2000 Transmission Service & Diagnosis Syllabus

Auto 101 Introduction to Automotive Service and repair Syllabus

Auto 103 Introduction to Automotive Service and repair Syllabus

Auto 106 Automotive Electrical Tools and diagnostic Procedures Syllabus

Auto 107 Introduction to Automotive Light service Syllabus

Auto 110 Introduction to Engine Diagnosis and tune-up Syllabus

Auto 115 Computerized Engine Controls & Diagnostics Syllabus

Auto 120 Engine Tune-Up/Performance Syllabus

Auto 125 Powertrain System Service Syllabus

Auto 140 Body and Chassis Electrical Systems Syllabus

Auto 140 Electrical systems    Syllabus

Auto 141 Alternative Fuels I Syllabus

AUTO 142 Advanced Natural Gas Vehicle  Syllabus

Auto 147 Introduction to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Syllabus

Auto 150 Engine Electrical Systems Syllabus

Auto150 (Honda) Engine Electrical Systems Syllabus

Auto 157  Advanced Electronics  Syllabus

Auto 200 (Honda) Suspension Steering and Alignment Syllabus

Auto 211 Anti-lock Brake Systems Syllabus

Auto 240 Air Conditioning and Heating Syllabus

Auto 256 Scan tool and Vehicle Network Syllabus

Auto 260 Advanced Hybrid/Electric Vehicles Syllabus

Auto 265 Hybrid/Electric Vehicle/Fuel-Cell Technology Syllabus

HEM 40 Introduction to Heavy Equipment Maintenance Syllabus

HEM 041 Heavy Equipment maintenance Electrical Fundamentals Syllabus

HEM 042 Heavy Equipment Air Conditioning Syllabus

HEM 043 Heavy Equipment Hydraulic Fundamentals Syllabus

HEM 044 Heavy Equipment Diesel Engine Fundamentals Syllabus

HEM 045 Heavy Equipment  Power Train Fundamentals Syllabus

HEM 046 Heavy Equipment Fuel Systems & Performance Syllabus

HEM 048 Heavy Equipment Power Train II Syllabus

HEM 049 Heavy Equipment Machine Electronics/Hydraulic II Syllabus

John Deere Power Systems Syllabus

Allison 1000/2000 Transmissions Syllabus

Allison World Transmissions Syllabus

Allison Transmissions DOC Syllabus

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