Students with Special Needs:

Students special Needs:

If you as a student require special needs for learning, it is your obligation to inform instructor, (special needs include, closed caption video, Disabled students assistance, or any special needs in learning assistance). The instructor assumes no responsibility in assessment of your needs.

You must inform instructor if you are under a licensed doctor’s care, and taking any drugs that could impair your ability to operate machinery. (Failure to do so is reason for instructor to drop you from class roll at any time). Students are required to take FINAL to receive grade for entire class. If student fails to complete FINAL an “F” will be issued for class grade.


1.       Work with own tools checked out from tool attendant.

2.       Work with proper shop clothing. (Uniform, shoes, ETC.)

3.       Work with safety glasses.

4.       Arrive on time & take appropriate length break.

5.       Clean up after any work.

6.       Shows initiative in researching problems.

7.       Compliance with rules and policies of classroom.

8.       Completion of lab projects in timely manner.

9.       Completed written repair order.

Students are required to have permission to park in lab area.

1.       No student parking in lab area without prior approval, (instructor may enforce discipline action for repeat violations).

2.       No student parking without written repair order.

3.       Only student’s personal automobile will be accepted.

4.       Lab cost of $20.00 assessed on non-students autos for repair.

5.       All costs incurred during semester are to be paid upon completion of course, or final grade will be affected.

6.       You might be part of a team that shares the grade for the assignment. If you are absent the team shares the grade.


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