Jodi M. Senk, M.A., CSCS, RYT                 
Assistant Professor                                       
Director of the Lifelong Fitness Center       
and Fitness Specialist Certificate Program
Rio Hondo College                                                        
3600 Workman Mill Road                                             
Whittier, CA 90601                                                      
(562) 463-7430                                                    


PE 122 Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Syllabus                                  



 Not the food pyramids we like 

PE 126 Principles of Strength and Conditioning :  Syllabus

                      lower body workout                      



Outline lectures:




PE 130 LifeLong Fitness: Syllabus


PE 158 Yoga I: Syllabus          



PE 140 Walking for Fitness: Syllabus         



PE 132Aqua Aerobics: Syllabus



PE 139 Cross-Training: Syllabus