WALKING PE 140 home



Spring 2008

Instructor: Kathy Pudelko

Ext. 3144

e-mail: kpudelko@riohondo.edu

Class hours 8:05-9:30, Tue.-Thurs.


Course Objectives:       1. be able to identify the 5 health related fitness components

2.     be able to monitor aerobic workout using pulse counts, rating of perceived exertions or talk test

3.     be able to count pulse for 10 seconds using radial or carotid site

4.     be able to identify components for a balanced diet

5.     be able to determine how to safely achieve weight loss

6.     understand benefits of aerobic training

7.     be able to identify benefits to training muscular system

8.     be able to identify benefits of training respiratory system

9.     be able to identify benefits of training skeletal system

10. be able to identify overload, deconditioning, fatigue

11. be able to identify calorie intake affecting calorie output


Student Learning Outcome:The student will be able to walk four laps around the track the equivalent of 1 mile within a time as specified by the America Heart Association


Class Materials:            1. Closed toe shoes.

2.     Comfortable walking clothes.

3.     Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, optional.

4.     Water bottle.

5.     Towels.


Grading Procedure:    1. Participation and Attendance 145points

                                    2. Mid-term                                          15 points 

3.Final (TAKE HOME)                        25 points

4. Topics  3 (report)                             12 points


192-178----A                                                                          The mid-term and final must be

            177-163--------B                                                                    completed and returned to the  

162-148----------C                                                                 instructor.



 Number of Absences Participation Grade

0-1        A

2-3              B

4-5              C

6          D

7          F