About Me:

   I started teaching at Rio Hondo College in 2007 and I am looking forward to a fun and stimulating year of classes. I currently teach Introduction to Psychology (101), Positive Psychology (180), Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (190) and Biological Psychology (210) here at Rio.

Research interests:

    My doctoral research focused on the auditory system and brain imaging (using FMRI). Specifically, we investigated whether there is a specialized auditory motion processing system in the human brain. My current interests focus on educational psychology research and the evidence for various claims that are made.


    Smith, K.R., Hsieh, I., Saberi, K., Hickok, G. (2010). Auditory Spatial and Object Processing in the Human Planum Temporale: No Evidence for Selectivity. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 22(4), 632-639. pdf

   Smith, K.R., Saberi, K., Hickok,G. (2007). An Event-Related fMRI Study of Auditory Motion Perception: No Evidence for a Specialized Cortical System. Brain Research, 1150, 94-99.  pdf

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Journal of Neurophysiology, Neuroimage


Learning Styles Evidence

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