Microeconomics Lecture Notes



Government is Bad in Micro!

Bad Government

The lecture notes below discuss why basic microeconomics dislikes Government.

Producer & Consumer Surpluses

Cost of Taxation

Tax Burden (incidence)

Taxation by Another Name

Chapter Powerpoint by the Publisher

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Chapter one PPT
Chapter One PDF

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Chapter Two PPT
Chapter Two PDF

Chapter Two Trade PPT

Chapter Two Trade PDF

supply and Demand

Demand PPT
Demand PDF

Supply PPT
Supply PDF

Equilibrium PPT
Equilibrium PDF

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Chapter 7 Price Elasticity PPT

Chapter 7 Price Elasticity PDF

Chapter 7-2 The Use of Elasticity PPT

Chapter 7-2 The Use of Elastictiy PDF

Chapter 7-3 Other Elasticities PPT

Chapter 7-3 Other Elasticities PDF

Using Supply and Demand PPT
Using Supply and Demand PDF

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Price Floor Multimedia
Price Ceiling Multimedia

Chapter 6-4 The Elasticity of Supply PPT
Chapter 6-4 The Elasticity of supply PDF

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Chapter 12-1 Firms & Production PPT
Chapter 12-1 Firms & Production PDF

Chapter 12-2 From Prodcution to Cost PPT
Chapter 12-2 From Production to Cost PDF


Chapter 13-1 The LOng Run PPT
Chapter 13-1 The Long RUn PDF

Chapter 13-2 PPT

Chapter 13-2 PDF


competitive world
Ch. 14Perfect Competition 1 PPT
Ch. 14 Perfect Competition 1 PDF
Perfect Competition Profit PPT
Perfect Competition Profit PDF
Perfect Competition Long Run PPT
Perfect Competition Long Run PDF


one seller Monopoly
Monopoly Market Structure PPT
Monopoly Market Structure PDF

Monopoly Demand PPT

Monopoly Demand PDF

Monopoly Profit Maximization PPT

Monopoly Profit Maximization PDF

Monopoly Price Discrimination PPT

Monopoly Price Discrimination PDF

Monopoly Vs. Perfect Competition PPT

Monopoly Vs. Perfect Competition PDF


Sumo Oligopoly analogy1
Chapter 16-1 Monopolistic Competition PPT
Chapter 16-1 Monopolistic Competition PDF

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Chapter 16-2 Oligopolies PPT
Chapter 16-2 Oligopolies PDF

Comparing various Market PPT
Comparing various Market PPT


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Externalities PPT

Externalities PDF

Other Failures PPT

Other Failures PDF



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