Chemistry Skills Videos

The files below require the Windows Media Player, an application available for free from Microsoft

There are two versions of the Chapter One Video.  The older version is less likely to work for you than the new version, so you should try the new version first.

Chapter One: Basic Concepts About Matter (new version of video)

Chapter One: Basic Concepts About Matter (old version of video)



(Notes are available on the "Course Notes" page)

Chapter Three (Sections 3.10-3.15): Introduction to Nuclear Chemistry (Do after Sec. 3.1-3.10 is covered)

The narrated PowerPoint video files below are a work-in-progress.  My intention in creating them is to give students an introduction to several chemistry-related concepts in a manner which is slow-paced and thorough.  Their content should appeal to students who are both visual and aural learners, and are targeted to those individuals who may benefit from the level of detail presented within them.  Faster learners may consider these videos a bit tedious; they may skip through them by moving the time bar forward to the exercises towards the end of most presentations. 


Unit Conversions-Part One

Unit Conversions-Part Two

Unit Conversions-Part Three (coming soon!)


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