Video Lectures

Calculations Practice video  (Worked out solutions for the Calculations Practice handout given out on Thurs. Sept. 14)
Requires Flash player.  Not the greatest quality video, but it should still be helpful.

Chapter Three: Basic Concepts About Matter

     Part One        Part Two

  (Notes are available on the "Course Notes" page)  
Note: This video lecture was originally designed for my Chemistry 110 course, and you may find that some of my statements reflect that; for example, at one point I refer the listener to Chapter One, when it is the third chapter in your book.  However, this material is essentially the same in both courses.  Requires Windows Media Player to view, available from Microsoft for free.

Chapter Six: Chemical Nomenclature (four parts)  These require the free Flash player from Adobe.

   Part One: Introduction and Naming Binary Nonmetals

   Part Two: Naming Ionic Compounds

   Part Three: Oxoanions