Using Computers in the Classroom

Want to get your students engaged? Consider adding a new element to your classroom - games that can be played by your class. While this is certainly nothing new, the ease with which it can be done is an exciting development. You can create course-appropriate games with ease.

In many instances, this has been done for you - some examples:

The Sourcebook for Teaching Science at offers many options. You can download templates, or games created by others.

Some examples:

Games requiring a computer

Jeopardy - - Template with instructions and some examples.
Or obtain it here.
Accounting sample -

Various Quizzes - Day 1 activity?
My friend slope -

Something to do outside of class - or that you can do in your spare time..

Useful for a language course? - Search "games" - some finds -
How ethical are you?
Defining natural selection
ESL or just mindless entertainment -
Identify the cause of the outbreak -
Practicing formal logic -
Various -
Chemistry - Balancing equations -

Games that do not require a computer

Bingo - This can be done electronically, but you could also just use paper.

Taboo - Here is a template to get you started - Taboo template

Taboo instructions - scroll down!

Games economists play -


Links I stumbled upon and wish to share..

This page last updated January 26, 2006.