Puppies!! More pictures at http://www.geocities.com/drmpilati/


Spencer and Honey are pleased to announce the arrival of 5 boys and 1 girl on Sunday, January 29. While Spencer has not been permitted to interact with the babies, he is pleased, curious, and concerned - anxiously awaiting the day when they will be able to be friends. Honey is a super mom, leaving them only for short spells and hurrying back when they start to fuss. We have contemplated buying a baby monitor to allow her more freedom.

The pups are maltepoos or maltipoos - depending on who you ask. It appears that they will be quite varied - there is one real tiny one and then a number that are on the big side. Some have Honey's ballerina legs and some have Spencer's stocky boy legs. Check back for updates..

Honey, a poodle, surrounded by her 6 maltepoo pups. They are just 4 days old.

Honey finally finds a comfortable position, lounging on her back with pups all around.

Close-up of Honey with 2 pups cuddling at her neck.

A close-up of 4 pups born just 4 days ago.

New - added February 8.

They are growing. No open eyes just yet, but they are showing their individuality. Penny is a loud one - and has a cute spot on her nose. Honey is getting more accepting of Spencer's presence - she even let's him kiss them on occasion.