Below is a list of the available Rio Hondo Faculty websites. You can explore these pages to find out more about an instructor and his or her courses. Note that some faculty have merely provided sample syllabi; please be sure to contact your instructor for the most current information. Faculty have been encouraged to provide information about all of the following:

Faculty Teaching Philosophies
Workload Expectaions
Grading Criteria
Links to Other Resources for Students

Professor's Name Department
Alex Gardos Arts and Cultural Programs
Dana Arazi Communications and Languages
Eric Olson CTE - Automotive Technology
James Ameen Communcations
John Frala Automotive Technology
Miyo Stevens-Gandara Photography
Young Lee Library


Rio Hondo College is committed to the success of its diverse students and communities by providing dynamic educational opportunities and resources that lead to degrees, certificates, transfer, career and technical pathways, basic skills proficiency, and lifelong learning.

Rio Hondo College is a Military Friendly College 2016salary surfer logo

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